I am She Mei! Welcome to my site.

I have been in the waste management industry since 2017.

I am very passionate in waste management thanks to how the practice of 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) was instilled in school.

Waste is always around us and needs to be managed.

By managing I mean – how we first identify the type of waste we have in hand, how to separate them, how to store and accumulate them, how to recycle them and how to ensure the waste are properly treated.

These are the questions that are always in my mind ever since young.

I can only remember inserting paper, plastic and aluminum cans into the recycling bins and then witnessing my school cleaners mak cik transferring them all into one black garbage bag. As a naïve student back then, what happened subsequently remain as a mystery.

As I grow older, I was adamant to do something about the environment particularly in getting more waste to be recycled instead of dumped.

We often got asked about our ambition when we were a student. I often find myself in trouble finding the right occupation name that fits into what I wish to do.

Till date, waste manager or waste consultant is not really known as a profession in comparison with occupations like doctor, dentist, engineer, accountant, etc.

Despite that, I am happy to be able to work in a 30-year old waste management company now and doing what I wished to do i.e. helping my clients to divert their waste away from landfill!

After working in this industry for some time, I have gained lots of insights on how things work including getting answer to what the mak cik did to my diligently-sorted-recyclables back in school!

And because I am attached to a waste management company, I can now be more proactive in providing solutions to the waste problems that come across my path!

I created this website to share what I’ve learned about waste and I hope this can inspire more people to be a solution instead of a problem to our one and only Mother Earth!

Connect with me at shemeigreen@gmail.com 🙂